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This wikia is about my new game named Frog Frog's Diner but if you are not on Scratch or have never seen it you wouldn't know of it.

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Thanks! ~Moecutie3124

Youtubes Edit

I am more active than SEAN so go check out my channel more often!

Special thanks to: Edit

Seanparko: He helped me learn to code!

Scott Cawthon: Created five nights at freddys!

Frog Frog Inc/Co Edit

Moecutie3124 (me): Boss/Night guard

Seanparko: Animatronic progarmmer/Front desk man

These are not real roles these are fake and it would be like this if Sean and I were in Frog Frog Inc!!

NIGHT 1 Edit

On this night of the game there is no robbers so you just have to check cameras and play around with the door. There is no phonecall or jumpscare so just chill. ~Moecutie3124 (Go check out my youtube)

NIGHT 2 Edit

This night there is only 1 robber so when he comes in at 1 am just keep flipping to cameras and he should come this robber likes to follow where you look on the cameras. The next night there will be a differing mechanic because I know everyone doesn't want to just keep looking at the cameras for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long that would be boring! So just this night it is painful or boring also there is no phonecalls or any jumpscares so just wait till 1 am and keep him spying on you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ~Moecutie3124 (Go check out my youtube)

NIGHT 3 Edit

On night three the robbers are having go go go night so there are about five to twenty robbers. As in the note on your desk the phone man says just click them on the camera. It will send the camera light through tiny light bulb on the front and will blind the robber or robbers on the cameras. The robber will get blinded and will run from the camera he or she is on (can't tell gender) to the front door and leave. That is when you wait for the next robber/robbers to come in. Also while there are no robbers you can play with the door (this has no use) and just check the cameras for fun. You need to hold on for episode 4 ' __' :D Thanks ~Moecutie3124 (Go check out my youtube)

NIGHT 4 Edit

  • Click click click click click click* "Oh sorry just playing with the door." Episode four out now on !!!! This night contains faster robbers and still no door use. That door is only for entering and exiting. The robbers now come at 10 secs i think and I have lowered the footsteps because it got to annoying. Also I have added a new what would've been a phone call but FFDI's phone has broken so they put it on paper for you. So have fun on your penultimate night and stay safe and good luck.

~Frog Frog Inc/ Moecutie3124 Go check me out on youtube (Moecutie3124)!!

NIGHT 5 Edit

Uhh "Hello? Hello? Hello? Oh you are there. Uhh hello and welcome back to Frog Frog's diner! This night is your last night so try to enjoy it please. By the way you get your paycheck tomorrow so please don't wreck anything or that will come off of your paycheck. Well it is your last night but those robbers don't slow down! They are still coming and guess what! They come in on Friday lots more. There are always a bunch out there cuz those unidentified people like to torture you on your last night. Lucky your camera doesn't run out of power... Lucky the building doesn't run out of power that is why we hired you! Just so you know you can come back next week but lots of night watchmen always leave after their first week. That is okay though because we have always got the staff and they can work in there until we get a new night watchman. But anyway man stay safe and good luck! ~Frog Frog Inc/Moecutie3124 Go check me out on youtube (Moecutie3124)

FFD 2 Edit

This new game at the moment is pretty weird (that is what I would say atleast) It has NO cameras but a mask? Yes of course by pressing the 'M' button on the keyboard you can put on the Frog Frog Mask. I have the story of this game planned do you remember the teaser with the word TRASH well you will see what that means in the last game of FFD!

Night 1 Edit

Pretty weird night.

Horrible fright.

But what she doesn't know.

Is that she won't know.

That they didn't know.

That she wasn't to go.

Scary night.

Horrible night.

Atleast for her.

No dur.

She also doesn't know behind the shadows who would lurk.

It is Bazerk.


 ??? Edit

Updates down below!! That is what this section is!!

Halloween update!!!! Edit

Released on November 10th 2015! Hopefully ' __'

Released on November 8th 2015!!!!

This magical thing is the halloween of Frog Frog's Diner it's first halloween to be exact so why not decorate with pumpkins. There are no new mechanics in this update. ;( So you still have to shut the door and wait for robbers. Plz don't make us not look famous! ~ Frog Frog Co PS new update coming soon!!

Updates Edit

This game is no longer updated. Content way out of date. :(

Update 2? Edit

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